The Franke Flair

The Franke Flair

This bean-to-cup machine is made from Switzerland and is designed with Swiss ingenuity and precission. It’s the perfect choice for those who desire to produce modest volume of quality coffee. The mid-volume Franke Flair has the capacity to produce 100 cups per day and has several innovative features, such as, simultaneous steam and hot-water output from different nozzles. The unit allows automated frothing or heating of milk and it comes with 10 buttons that are programmable. Serve latte, macchiato, espresso, cappuccino and other specialties by touching just a single button. The Flair does not require connection to plumbing and can be used anywhere. You can, however, connect it to your plumbing connections if you desire.

Bean-to-cup machines are available in different volume capacities and are accordingly built and priced. Your machine of choice should match the following factors: estimated cups/day production, drink size, and production rate. Cups per day specifications by manufacturers are based on 8oz serving evenly dispersed through one day. The maximum size of cup for a mid volume coffeemaker is at 12 oz. However, this will bring down to half the cup per day figure and even slow the operation down.

The unit can be used in bars, beauty salons, waiting-rooms, office and/or meeting rooms. Use the Franke Flair to brew quality coffee every day for your employees, customers or even for your own self.

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