The La Spaziale S2

The La Spaziale S2

Our La Spaziale S2 line comes in two versions:

  • S2 EK (one group, two group and three group, two groups SPAZIO)
  • S2 Air (one group, two group and three group, two groups SPAZIO)


  • Electronic heating
  • Built-in internal pump
  • SPAZIO (2 Group) 5 L boiler
  • Gauge pressure (pump-pressure and boiler control)
  • Safety-thermostat for boiler-warmth tank
  • Machine with stainless body
  • Outlet for hot water (1), two Steam Magical wands (one steam wand in 1 Groups)
  • Controllable malfunction-sensors
  • Trademark STEAM warming
  • Semi-automated coffee-maker equipped with free flowing delivery
  • Electric coffee-maker (proportioned-dose programmable)
  • Dimensions of boiler: 3 L (1 Group), 10 L (2 Group), 15 L (3 Group)


  • Side-panel with LED strip lighting
  • Gas-heating system (for 2 & 3 Group units only)
  • Electronic cup-warmer (2, 3 Groups as well as SPAZIO)
  • Upgradable boiler-heating element

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