Display Control Rosetta

Display Control Rosetta

Rosetta is a new and superb addition to the proven Expobar line. The presence of Expobar in the industry has grown throughout the years, thanks to its capacity to supply reliable and equally functional machines at cost-effective rates. The unique looks of the Rosetta will also play a crucial role in enhancing the appearance of high-end establishments.

The unit is entirely automatic and is equipped with the latest electronic switchboard system that allows controlled doses in volume. It also features Expobar’s trademark sizeable automatic water-filling boilers made of copper. Heat-exchangers are also present in every group. The unit comes with 2 lever-operated “no-burn” steam-arms, which is a spec mostly found in high-end and expensive coffee-makers. Plus, it also comes with 1 hot-water tap.

The unit can be purchased in standard-height or take-away height without additional cost. The take-away height model can accommodate 16 oz cups that will fit well beneath group-heads without the use of shot-glasses or the need to have the cups tilted.

Display Control units are equipped with cutting-edge digital LCD display, which is usually found in expensive and high-end espresso coffee-makers. The digital-display will indicate date and time and allow the user to control and program machine functionality. It also displays audit-trails and other coffee-management details.

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