The WMF 2000 S

The WMF 2000 S

WMF is a German bean-to-cup machine manufacturer that has become synonymous to quality. WMF sets standards in the industry and their machines are present in popular fast-food chains, airports, cafeterias, canteens and service-stations all throughout the globe.

Manufactured entirely in Germany, the WMF 2000 S is made from the highest quality materials. Each machine undergoes strict testing by professionals prior to delivery. This unit has been designed for mid-high volume usage.

WMF machines are known for their notable appearance as well as functionality. WMF is capable of producing a wide range of drink options that can suit various tastes, including, latte, cafe latte, cafe crème, espresso, macchiato, cappuccino as well as chociatto and milk choc. One push of its button and WMF 2000 S will produce top class coffee. It is also capable of providing 2 milk-based drinks simultaneously (e.g. cappuccino and latte). And it is capable of doing this day in and day out as it is a high-volume coffeemaker. This makes it the perfect choice for busy establishments with large clientele.

Fast and easy preparation is made possible through its easy-to-understand display console. Along with its ultra-modern design and efficient operation as well as its groundbreaking cleaning system, the 2000 S is an ideal reliable machine that will satisfy the demands of your business. What is more, WMF bean-to-cup coffeemakers can be customised and incorporated with add-on options, allowing you to tailor the unit to your needs. Indeed, the unit can be an excellent all-rounder if you choose to improve it with the pertinent accessories.

2000 S is ideal for use in establishments requiring heavy usage, such as, sizeable offices, fast-food chains, cinemas, gas stations, theatres, exhibition & event catering, canteens, college refectories and more!

As a final note, it is important to remember that bean-to-cup coffeemakers come in various volume capacities and are accordingly built and priced. Your choice should be based on the following factors: cup per day production, drink size, and production rate. Cups per day specifications by manufacturers are based on 8 oz serving evenly distributed throughout the day. The maximum size of cup for a mid volume coffeemaker is at 12 oz. However, this will bring down to half the cup per day figure and even slow the operation down.

WMF 2000 S has a max usage of about 200 cups per day. It can also produce 200 cups in an hour if required (which will depend on the drink size and quality set up).

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