The Jura Impressa X9

The Jura Impressa X9

Impressa X9 is a Swiss-manufactured mid volume bean-to-cup machine for commercial use. It has a capacity of 100 cups per day.

Bean-to-cup coffeemakers are available in several volume capacities and are accordingly built and priced. The unit of choice should match the following factors: cup per day production, drink size, and production rate. Cups per day specifications by manufacturers are based on 8oz serving evenly dispersed through one day. The maximum size of cup for a mid volume coffeemaker is at 12 oz. However, this will bring down to half the cup per day figure and even slow the operation down.

Jura Impressa is an exquisite and precise piece of machinery imbued with innovative features. The unit has no connection for plumbing and can be used in almost any setting. You can, however, connect it to your main water supply as it can be incorporated with a plumbing-kit at your option.

Impressa X9 allows you to get the very best out of coffee whatever the brew may be—espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte and more! And it can produce special brews with its single-touch operation, which means the need for moving cups is eliminated. All in all, you can program about 20 specialties to fit your taste and 10 of these can have their own hot keys.

Impressa X9 is very easy to operate and can be used to brew quality cups even by individuals with minimal or even zero barista experience. Its clear-text display system provides easy to read graphics that can guide you throughout every option. The height of its dispenser is adjustable and it is very easy to clean. In fact, its consolidated programs of rinsing, cleaning as well as decalcifying make maintenance super easy.

The unit has 2 high-performance conical-grinders and both of these grinders can be assigned your selected blend through the product keys. Impressa’s separate bean-tanks have exquisite and semi transparent design that can accommodate 650 g each. If one tank is going to get empty, the active bean-level monitor will alert you when you need to fill up the tank.

The Impresa is perfect in settings where heavy use is required, such as in, bars, waiting rooms, office/meeting rooms, and beauty salons. This coffeemaker will allow you to treat your employees, clientele or yourself to special coffee brews day in and day out.

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